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2015 Schedule of Events

2015 Brigade Event Schedule:

            Note: This event schedule is for the Eastern seaboard; Captains Pieper and Mack will identify regional events and publish their own schedule.

            The events are categorized as follows:

·         One “Colour”/Regimental Event: This is a British Brigade event that the 23rd will attempt to maximize its participation in.  Coordination will be made with Captains Ferguson’s and Grey Groves Companies to determine if their attendance is feasible.

·         Secondary Events: Regional events that may/not be British Brigade events which provide us with the opportunity to fine tune our craft as well as conduct recruiting for the local Company of the 23rd. Members are also encouraged to identify local events to participate in, but must have regimental approval to ensure that the participants have insurance coverage for the event.

·         Suggested local Companies are indicated in parenthesis after the event dates. [GLICC—Grenadier/Light Infantry/Colonel’s Companies]


Contact your company commander and advise him of the events you plan on attending this year.


Colour Event: Fort Ticonderoga, 12-13 Sept 15


This will be our main effort this year. A large brigade event combined with a scenic area and the largest 18th Century fortress in North America should make this one of the better events this season. The scenario is based on the raid of Colonel John Brown and the Massachusetts militia against the Crown Forces garrison in September of 1777. The change of command ceremony will also be conducted this weekend.


Secondary Events:

17 January: (Southern Company): 234th Anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens,  Gaffney, SC


15 February: (GLICC/Southern Company): Fort Ward Park, Alexandria, VA


14-15 March: (Southern Company): Battle of Guilford Courthouse, Greensboro, NC


10-12 April (GLICC): British Brigade Academy, Boone’s Homestead, Birdsboro, PA


18-19 April (Southern Company): Battle of Petersburg, Petersburg, VA


18-19 April (GLICC): Allaire Village, Farmingdale, NJ


2-3 May (GLICC/Southern Company): Mount Vernon, Alexandria, VA


16-17 May (GLICC/Southern Company): Gunston Hall, Lorton, VA


30-31 May (GLICC): Battle of Bunker Hill (BB event), Epping, NH


6-7 June (GLICC): 2015 Artillery School, Huntington Homestead, Scotland, CT


20-21 June (GLICC): Battle of Monmouth, Freehold, NJ


1-2 August (GLICC): Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA


14-16 August (GLICC): Encampment at Daniel Boone’s Homestead, Birdsboro, PA


3 October (GLICC): Battle of Germantown, Philadelphia, PA


18 October (GLICC): Fort Mercer, Red Bank, NJ


7-8 November (GLICC): Hope Lodge Encampment, Fort Washington, PA


22 November (GLICC): Retreat Day, New Bridge Landing Park, Rivers Edge, NJ

2014 Schedule of Events


January 17 - 19

Cowpens 233rd Anniversary


February 16

Fort Ward

Alexandria, VA

February 22

Death March to the Dan

South Boston, VA

February 22 - 23

Moores Creek Bridge

Currie, NC


March 1 - 2   

Colonial Dorchester 

Summerville, SC

March 15 - 16   

Guilford Courthouse 233rd 

Greensboro, NC


April 5 - 6   

Siege of Charleston March In, SC 

Charleston, SC

April 5 - 6   

Ninety Six, SC - Crossroads

Ninety Six, SC

April ?

23rd Annual Battersea Revolutionary War Reenactment

Battle of Petersburg, VA

April 26 - 27     

F & I Encampment - Ft. Toulouse

Watumpka, AL


May 3 - 4

Gunston Hall



July 12 - 13

Battle of Wyoming

Mount Cobb, PA

July 12 - 13

Brattonsville, SC - Huck's Defeat

York, SC

July 26 - 27

Battle of Stoney Point



August 23 - 24

French & Indian War Muster at Fort Frederick

Big Pool, MD


September 6 - 7

Fort Loudon, TN - 18th Century Trade Fair

Venore, TN

September 27 - 28

Siege of Yorktown

Yorktown, VA


October 4 - 5

Walnut Grove

Moore, SC

October 10 - 12

Martin's Station First Frontier

Cumberland Gap, TN

October 11 - 12

Prelude to Victory

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

October 25 - 26

Mount Harmon

Earleville, MD


November 1 - 2

Battle of Camden - Rev War Field Days

Camden, SC

November 5 - 9

Frontier Days - Fort Toulouse

Watumpka, AL


2013 Schedule of Events



January 19 - 20

Cowpens 232nd Anniversary




February 15 – 16

Death March to the Dan

South Boston, VA


February 16

Cornwallis' Occupation of Hillsborough, NC

One day living history.


February 17

Fort Ward

Alexandria, VA


February 16

NWD School

Campus Martius Museum, Marietta, OH


February 23

Battle of Snowshoes

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Re-enactment of Robert Roger's ill-fated raid.


February 23 - 24

Moores Creek Bridge




March 2 - 3

Colonial Dorchester

Summerville, SC


March 2

St. David’s Day Dinner

We need to  have our list of guest to the Winery by Feb. 25th so ACT NOW before you forget!! Make checks payable to: RWFA and send to: Rob Price, 79 Everett Ave. West Hartford, CT 06107


March 16 - 17   

Guilford Courthouse 232st 

Greensboro, NC




April 5 – 7

Colonial & Early American Event

Bluff City, AR

White Oak Lake State Park
563 HWY 387
Bluff City, AR 71722
The Time period is 1700-1820s.

French, Spanish, Natives, British and Americans are needed!
Friday APRIL 5th
Live fire, rifle, and smoothbore competitions
Saturday April 6th
Morning: Live fire competition again.
1:30pm Skirmish/Battle

Games: Tomahawk, knife, & fire starting competitions.
Sunday 7th
Morning: Tomahawk, knife, & fire starting competitions.
1:00pm Skirmish/ Battle
The Park will provide water, firewood, toilets, & showers. Call the Park to register (870-685-2748).
This event is co-sponsored by the Early Arkansas Reenactors Association (EARA)and Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.
Contact William Hardage,
britishofficer@yahoo.ocmor Ed Williams


April 6 – 7

Battle of Princeton New Jersey - " Washington at Princeton"

April 12 - 14        

The War For Empire - Fort Dobbs

Statesville, NC

April 13-14  

Ninety Six - Rev War Days

Ninety Six, SC


April 13 – 14

Rev War Tactical Immersion

Allison Woods, NC


April 13 - 14

Battle of Bound Brook

Bound Brook, NJ


April 13 – 15

Battle Road - Minuteman National Park, Lincoln, Massachusetts

Contact - 10th Reg't of Foot

The Boston Garrison - Not an official British Brigade event

15 April  Patriots' Day- Lexington, Massachusetts Contact - 10th Reg't of Foot

The Boston Garrison - Not an official British Brigade event.


April 20 - 21     

F & I Encampment - Ft. Toulouse

Watumpka, AL


April 20 - 21

School of Instruction & Annual Meeting– Brigade of the American Revolution

New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, Vails Gate, NY


April 20 - 21

22nd Annual Battersea Revolutionary War Reenactment

Battle of Petersburg, VA
The City of Petersburg proudly invites you to attendthe 232nd Anniversary of the Reenactment ofthe 1781 Battle of Petersburg. This is an open event for all Revolutionary War reenactors and sutlers. Our weekend encampment andre-created battles are held at Battersea, the home of Colonel John Banister,the first mayor of Petersburg and a signer of the Articles of Confederation. While Battersea is not the actual site ofthe 1781 battlefield, it was utilized by the British troops when theyoccupied the town in May of 1781.
Battersea consists of 35 acres of excellent camp andtactical ground for foot, horse and artillery. Wood,straw, water, hay, a Saturday evening meal and dance are providedby the City. There will be the reenactment of the 1781 battle,military skirmishes, period music, children's activities and games, woodcarving demonstrations, a detached hospital, an herbalist, period clothing, and much more. To register for the event go to Click on the following: Visitor; area information; Revolutionary War;reenactor invitation. At the bottom ofthe invitation, click on the reenactor or sutler registration button.You may mail a copy of the form to the Siege Museum, 15 West Bank Street, Petersburg, VA 23803 or e-mail it to Anne Thomas: Any phone inquiriesmay be placed to Anne Thomas: (804) 733-2402. We look forward to having you participate in this weekend reenactment.


April 20 - 21

Patriots' Day Weekend - Old Fort Niagara

Youngstown, New York


April 27  -28

“Wedded to my Sword” The Life and Times of Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee

Greensboro, NC

Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution with the Sons of the Revolution in the State of North Carolina presents their dynamic, fun, and scholarly symposium on the Life and Times of Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee.  The importance of the cavalry and light troops in the Southern Revolutionary War led General Nathanael Greene to put Lee’s Legion “upon as good a footing as possible.”  Now you can walk the grounds where Lee rode, fought and sealed his reputation on the battlefield.  Hear and interact with presentations by prominent scholars and authors to include Lee’s controversial life and contributions to American Liberty as a soldier, politician and early Southern Campaigns historian, and his roles in family and business.

April 26, 2013 – Friday – our Lee sites bus tour will feature the posturing of the Southern Department armies commanded by Lord Charles Cornwallis and Gen. Nathanael Greene in early March 1781 leading up to their final clash at Guilford Courthouse.  Included are Harry Lee’s battle sites in the Burlington, NC area: the skirmishes at Clapp’s Mill, the Rocky Ford at Weitzel’s Mill, and the latest scholarship on Pyle’s Hacking Match.  Tour by preregistration only.

 “Wedded to my Sword” The Life and Times of Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee will include presentations of the latest scholarly research on the interesting and sometimes controversial life of Harry Lee with boots-on-the-ground tours of Lee’s battle sites at Guilford Courthouse.  Dynamic presentations on Lee’s life, contributions to the Revolutionary War, as a Virginia politician, Southern Campaigns historian, and his controversies will be made by world-class scholars including Jim Piecuch, Dennis Conrad, Ben Huggins, Mike Cecere, John Hutchins, Ben Rubin, John Beakes, Steve Rauch, and others. On Sunday’s included battlefield tour, we will see the New Garden Meeting House – site of Harry Lee’s initial battles with the British prior to the general engagement at Guilford Courthouse – and walk the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield.  Lee’s climatic clash at Guilford did not happen within the federal battlefield park; we will go to the site.

Call (803) 549-6710 to register for the Symposium or email Charles B. Baxley at or David P. Reuwer at for other event details.  Please preregister as it helps us plan for catering and handouts and gives you a discount.

April 27 - 28        

The Siege of San Juan, Puerto Rico (1797)




May 4 – 5

Gunston Hall

10709 Gunston Road, Mason Neck, VA 22079

Members of the British Brigade and the Continental Line will be skirmishing on the grounds of Gunston Hall.

Those on the Rebel side need to register through the 7th VA's website at:
Those of the Crown can register at:


May 4 - 5  

Musgrove Mill

Clinton, SC

Rev War encampment – living history - Musgrove Mill Revolutionary War Encampment Weekend will feature reenactors from across the Southeast who will demonstrate aspects of Revolutionary War-era daily life in South Carolina. The event will focus on the events surrounding the battle fought at Musgrove's Mill in August of 1780. Activities may include flintlock weapons demonstrations, and colonial children's games, art, medicine, blacksmithing, and more.


May 4 – 5

Ohio Civil War Show

Richland County Fairgrounds, Mansfield, OH

May 10 - 12

The Raid on Martin's Station

Wilderness Road State Park

(Near Cumberland Gap)

May 18  -19 

 Fort Watauga -  Seige at Watauga

Sycamore Shoals, TN

May 18 - 19 

Battle of Ramsour's Mill  

Lincolnton, NC




June 1 – 2

Fort Randolph

Point Pleasant, West VA


June 1 – 2

Under the Crown - Living History Park, North Augusta, SC

June 1- 2

Historic New Bridge Landing

River Edge, NJ


June 8 – 9

King's Birthday Old Fort Niagara

Youngstown, New York


June 15 – 16

Battle of Monmouth

Monmouth, NJ

The 235th Anniversary of The Battle of Monmouth (in Freehold, New Jersey) will be played on a wider field and will not try to emulate the original battle but will be a bit more free wheeling according the sponsors and the park. This will be our first regimental event of the year and will be in early war kit. More details to follow but please plan on this one if you are in the Mid Atlantic Region.


June 15

Scots Day

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Celebrate Scottish Culture and Military Heritage at Fort Ticonderoga!


June 28 – 30

Under the Redcoat

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Due to two other southern events, (Battle of the Hook and St. David's Day Dinner) we are putting off our formal participation in Under The Redcoat until 2014. I have spoken to Radford Polinsky and he has assured me that any RWFA wishing to attend this years UTR are more than welcome, are covered by insurance and will be brigaded with other units.  Our regular invitation will revert to 2014 when it will most probably be a Regimental Event in late War uniform. Please note that if you DO go, it is late war kit only as per Williamsburg's request so that we are more easily brigaded with other units with late war.


June 29 - 30

Brigade Firelock Match– Brigade of the American Revolution

Old Saratoga Muzzle Loading Club, Schuylerville, NY


June 29 – 30

June NWD Firelock and Field Experience Weekend

Tom Hornbrook's Farm, Navarre, OH

This event will center on live-firing your musket/rifle, and some basic skills needed by the common soldier of the Revolution. It is designed as a learning experience, not a competitive situation.




July 4

Cowpens – Living History Days

Cowpens, SC


July 6 – 7

Battle of Hubbardton

Vermont (LHA)


July 13 – 14

Historic Brattonsville, SC

Battle of Huck’s Defeat

Brattonsville, SC


July 13 – 14

Fort Laurens

Ft. Laurens State Memorial, Bolivar, OH


July 20 – 21

Salem Maritime

Salem, Massachusetts


July 20 - 21

Montcalm's Cross

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Re-enactment of the Climactic 1758 Battle of Carillon




August 3 – 4

Old Sturbridge Village

Sturbridge MA - (Invitation Only)


August 3 - 4

Rev War Days

Clinton, NJ


August 3 - 4

House in the Horseshoe, Sanford, N.C.


August 9 - 11

Daniel Boone Homestead

Reading, PA


August 10

Marietta 225th Celebration

Marietta, OH

Celebration of the 225th anniversary of the settlement of Marietta in 1788, the first settlement in the Northwest Territory. We will be camped in Muskingum Park along the Muskingum River, with our specific site opposite where Scammel Street meets Putnam Street. At one end of our campsite is the First Landing Monument, and 4 blocks up Scammel Street is Mound Cemetery. Due to the constricted nature of the park, tacticals may need to be supplanted with our usual (and perhaps other) demos. We will be taking part in a ceremony at Mound Cemetery, following which will be a guided tour of the Rev. War burial sites within the cemetery. There may be an opportunity for night firing on Saturday. This same weekend, August 10 - 11, Marietta will also be hosting their annual Rails, Trails and Ales Festival and having an Artist walk, for which the numerous artists/art galleries will be open in the evening.


August 10 - 11     

Soldiers of the Revolution Old Fort Niagara

Youngstown, New York


August 17

Musgrove Mill

Clinton, SC


August 17 – 18

Cricket Tournement: British Brigade

Johnson Hall, New York


August 24 – 25

Battle of Newtown

Elmira, New York


August 24 – 25

Fort at Number Four

Charlestown, New Hampshire


August 31

Fair at New Boston

George Rogers Clark Park, Springfield, OH


August 31

Battle of Charlotte, NC - Latta Plantation

Huntersville, NC




September 7

Brunswick Town

Winnabow NC (Militia Event - 1748)


September 7 – 8

Fort Loudoun 18th Century Trade Faire

Vonore, TN


September 14 – 15

Mount Harmon Plantation

600 Mount Harmon Road, Earleville, MD 21919

Mount Harmon is hosting a full scale Revolutionary War Re-enactment & Colonial Festival, complete with British & Rebel Encampments, military skirmishes, tactical demonstrations, colonial marketplace, manor house tours, food vendors & much more!


September 14 – 15

Fort at Number Four

Charlestown, New Hampshire


September 14 – 15

Brown's Raid

Fort Ticonderoga, New York


September 14 - 15

Brown's Raid

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Re-enactment of Colonel Brown's 1777 Assault against Ticonderoga.


September 20 - 22

Tenth Annual Fort Ticonderoga Seminar on the American Revolution

Fort Ticonderoga, NY


September 21 - 22

75th Anniversary of Saratoga National Historic Park– Brigade of the American Revolution

Stillwater, NY


September 21 – 22

Saratoga - National Historic Park

Stillwater, New York


September 26

Annual Reenactment March of the Overmountain Men to the Battle at Kings Mountain

Start September 26 - ends - October 7

September 28

Heritage Harvest and Horse Festival

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Celebrate Horse Power and the Fruits of the Harvest along Lake Champlain.


September 28

Living History/Encampment - Brandywine Battlefield

Chadds Ford, PA


September 29

Brecksville Fallfest

Brecksville, OH



October 5 – 6

Walnut Grove – Festifall

Roebuck, SC


October 5

Battle of Germantown

Germantown, PA


October 11 – 12

Martin's Station First Frontier - Wilderness Road State Park

(Near Cumberland Gap)

October 12 - 13

Burning of Kingston

Kingston, NY,_New_York


October 19 – 20

Battle of the Hook – Brigade of the American Revolution

Inn at Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA

This year will be even bigger and better. The Royal Welch Fusiliers will again be defending their redoubt with zeal and panache as they did in the original encounter when under a ferocious Yankee bombardment a solitary Fusilier was seen to mount the ramparts and expose his backside to the advancing foe. Ah, the stuff of legend! How keenly did the other troops defend their position after such bold high jinx! Well we are going to do it again, this time with our California Company taking part, and from everything presented at the BB/CL meeting it sounds like this is not one to miss!. It is across the York River from Yorktown and close to Williamsburg as well. The choice of an October engagement is perfect as we may see some relief from the summer's heat. This event is designated "Late War Uniform" only.

October 19 – 20

Victory Weekend

Yorktown, Virginia

October 19 – 20

Colonial Times - Living History Park, North Augusta, SC

October 18 – 20

Francis Marion Symposium

Manning, SC

October 27

Fort Mercer

National Park, NJ


November 2  -3

Battle of Camden, Rev War Field Days

Camden, SC


November 2

235th Anniversary Encampment  – Brigade of the American Revolution

Putnam Memorial State Park, Redding, CT


November 2

Hope Lodge

Fort Washington, PA


November 2 – 3

Ft. Schneider

Washington County Historical Society, Washington, PA


November 6

Frontier Days - Ft. Toulouse

Watumpka, AL


November 9 – 10

Siege of Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia, PA


November 23 – 24

Invasion of New Jersey – Brigade of the American Revolution

Ft. Lee Historic Park, Ft. Lee, NJ



December 7 - 8

The Battle of Great Bridge

Chesapeake, VA

The 19th Annual Battle of Great Bridge reenactment will take place from
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday 7 & 8 December 2013 in Chesapeake,
Virginia on the actual site of the battle which took place December 9, 1775.
There will be two battles each day; the Battle of Kemps Landing at 1:00 PM
(British win!) and the Battle of Great Bridge at 3:00 PM (Patriots win!)
There will be military encampments, period sutlers, colonial crafts,
dancing, and music, children's colonial activities, a colonial fashion show
(@ 2:30PM), and a colonial religious service on Sunday (@ 10:00 AM).
Firewood, straw, porta-johns, water, a heated restroom, and Saturday night
dinner is provided. Units with six or more men under arms or with cannon
will be compensated for powder. You can set up on Friday 6 December after

You can even make the Grand Illumination celebration at Colonial
Williamsburg after the final battle on Sunday!

Links with more info and directions are below.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Ron Phelps - Event Coordinator


7th Virginia Regiment & 14th Regiment of Foot


December 7 - 8

British Night Watch Parade - 39th Annual

Saint Augustine, FL


December 7

Christmas at Fort Loudoun

Vonore, TN


December 7

Battle of Ironworks Hill

Mount Holly, NJ

December 7

The Noble Train Begins!

Fort Ticonderoga, NY

Explore how Henry Knox made the epic trip to deliver guns to Boston.

December 27 - 28

Battle of Trenton

Old Barracks, Trenton, NJ


2012 Schedule of Events




January 14 - 15

231st Battle of Cowpens Anniversary Celebration

To mark the 231st anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens - a turning point in the American Revolution - an array of

activities will be held at the National Park Service site the weekend of Jan. 14-15. The battle will not be restaged, but nearly 100 re-enactors (portraying Colonial and British soldiers) will offer a slice of the 18th century at encampments, firing and cavalry demonstrations. There will be fife-and-drum concerts, author talks and book-signings, ranger-led battlefield walks and a guided lantern-lit walk. All events are free. Hours: 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Jan. 14, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Jan. 15.


January 21

Annual British Brigade Meeting

Crowne Plaza

King of Prussia, PA


January 31, 2012

The Marquis de Lafayette a 'Founding Son' of the American Revolution

The Bethel Township Preservation Society
Presents a lecture by Gene Pisasale 7:30 PM at Bethel Township Building.
1082 Bethel Rd. Garnet Valley, Pa 19060.
The Battle of the Brandywine was fought on September 11th, 1777 and was the
largest land battle in North America up until the Civil War. The young
Marquis de Lafayette fought along with George Washington's troops, putting
his life and fortune on the line for our country. Lafayette participated in
seven battles of the Revolutionary War and was a major force in helping us
gain our independence from Great Britain. His heroism, dedication and
support gains him the title of 'Founding Son' of the American Revolution.
The lecture covers background on Lafayette, his role in the American
Revolution and the historic events in the following decades after the





February 18

Open House and Colonel’s Coy Informal Meeting - at the Major’s House

793 Street Road, New Hope, PA

RSVP 215 262-6013 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm


February 18

Crossing of the Dan - Reenactment

South Boston, VA
Every able bodied patriot is called upon with all urgency to repel General Cornwallis and save General Greene’s southern army from destruction.
We are to muster along the banks of the Dan River in the village of South Boston and shield the army’s crossing. General Greene is being pursed by General Cornwallis and we expect to engage the enemy on the south side of the Dan River on Saturday morning. It is therefore imperative that all brave and bold patriots assemble in South Boston, Virginia by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday February 18th. If you can join the encampment on Friday night all the better or you can arrive Saturday morning. Accommodations from the fine folks of South Boston have been arranged in case of inclement weather. We may seek indoor shelter and warmth in their tobacco prizery.
The physical address of the event site is:
700 Bruce Street
South Boston, VA 24592

As we shall be a small portion of the 700 man light corps of Colonel Otho Williams, our impression can vary a bit. This corps consisted of Light Horse Harry Lee’s Legion, southern continental troops, Virginia riflemen, and Carolina militia.
Our mission is to defend the last mile of the march, a long stretch of woods along the south side of the river. A battaeux has been obtained to transport us across the river into the protection of our cannon and army.
For more information please contact me offlist at: - Mike Cecere 7th VA -- Capt.
P.S. This invitation is extended to any Crown units who wish to join the forces of darkness in their fruitless pursuit. My understanding is that Colonel Jay Callaham will be leading the vanguard of Cornwallis's force.


February 18, 2012

Crossing of the Dan Commemorative Ceremony and Lecture

South Boston, Va.

10:00 am commemorative program, wreath presentations and keynote presentation by Philip Greenwalt, an interpretive ranger at George Washington’s Birthplace National Memorial in Westmoreland County, Va. He will speak on Col. Otho Holland Williams and the 1st Maryland Continental Regiment. Lunch after the ceremony and keynote speaker will be available only by reservation for $12 each. Events will be held at The Prizery, the community and arts center, located at 700 Bruce Street, South Boston. For more information, or special needs, contact DAR Chapter Regent Anne Raab at or 434-470-1350; or SAR Chapter Past-President, Douglas Powell at or 434-476-2483.


February 18

General Cornwallis’ encampment in Hillsborough, NC

12th Annual Revolutionary War Living

Continental and British armies occupied Hillsborough during the Revolutionary War. Commanding figures like Horatio Gates, Nathanael Greene, and Lord General Cornwallis headquartered in the town's inns and taverns. Cornwallis' ill-spent week in Hillsborough in February of 1781 eventually culminated in his surrender at Yorktown eight months later. On Saturday, February 18, from 10am-4pm, the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough will hold its Twelfth Annual Revolutionary War Living History Day. Continental, British and militia reenactors will demonstrate camp life during the Revolutionary War and commemorate General Cornwallis’ encampment in Hillsborough in February 1781 on the grounds of the Alexander Dickson House (ca 1790), 150 E. King St., Hillsborough, NC. Events include marching drills, musket-firing demonstrations and open-flame cooking.

The Alliance's Revolutionary War Guided Tours will also be held that day, beginning and 11:00am and 1:00pm. The 60-minute tour showcases Hillsborough's revolutionary and colonial era sites, while retelling stories of the events that took place in and around the town. Tours cost $5 per person.

For additional information please call the Alliance office at 919-732-7741 or visit our website at

Event date and time: 

Sat, 02/18/2012 - 10:00am - 4:00pm


February 19

Fort Ward – Washington’s Birthday

Alexandria, VA

This will be the first southern event of the year, Captain Thomson will be in command and I ask that all those attending coordinate with Capt. Thomson as he will be in charge. Uniform is early war as not everyone has the late war kit. As we rebuild our Southern Command, any who are interested in moving up to L/Cpl. in that corps are asked to contact Capt. Pieper as well so we know of your interest.


February 20

Spartanburg, SC - Revolutionary War Roundtable of the Backcountry

Dinner & Program. "Backcountry Fury; A Renown Revolutionary War Hero Speaks" – presentation by Dr. Tony Zeiss, author, educational leader and President of Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC. Meet at Wofford College, Montgomery Room of the Burwell Building. You may choose to join us dinner prior to the program or for the program only. The charge for the dinner and program is $20 per person and the cost for those attending the program only is $5 per person. Social time: 6:00-6:30 pm; dinner: 6:30-7:05 pm; and program: 7:15-8:00 pm. To reserve your meal please reply to PesaroJB@Wofford.Edu and make checks payable to Revolutionary War Roundtable of the Backcountry to Juanita Pesaro, Continuing Education, Wofford College, 429 N. Church St., Spartanburg, SC 29303.


February 23 – 25

Francis Marion Living History Days

Manning, SC



February 25 – 26

Lowcountry Colonial Days

Fort Dorchester

300 State Park Rd.

Summerville, SC 29485


February 25 – 26

Moores Creek Bridge

Currie, NC





March 3

Saint David’s Day – 23rd Regiment’s Celebration

The Dobbins Tavern

Gettysburg, PA

If you have not attended a St. David's Day Dinner, you have not fully experienced the Regiment! 18th c. Colonial dress preferred, or #1 Dress, or Mess Dress with decorations,  or jacket and tie.

The Major strongly recommends making your reservations immediately if not sooner.  Days Inn - 865 York Rd. Gettysburg, PA  (717) 334-0030  Best Western - 1 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg (866) 378-1797  Travelodge - 613 Baltimore St. Gettysburg  (717) 334-9281 Comfort Suites - 945 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, (717) 334-6715

Many thanks to Sgt. Shane Reilly for his help in setting this up for us.

March 7, 2012

American Revolution Round Table of the District of Columbia

Arlington, Va

A program by author Christian M. McBurney on his new book, The Rhode Island Campaign: The First French and American Operation of the Revolutionary War at the Fort Myer Officers' Club, Arlington, Virginia. From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm will be a social hour as members and guests gather in the Campaign Room, this will be followed by fixed price, sit-down dinner at 7:00 pm. A cash bar is available until dinner starts. Following dinner, there will be brief announcements and a possible brief membership business discussion. The speaking presentation is open to any interested persons, and will begin about 8:00 pm. The program and should end about 9:00 pm. ARRT-DC meetings are open to the public; non-members are welcomed to sign up for the dinner and speaking presentation. Dinner reservations are required to attend the full dinner and speaking presentation. Contact Information is at the main American Revolution Round Table web page. The ARRT-DC program meetings also allow, on a space available basis, attendance at the speaking program only without attending, but following the dinner. There is a charge of $10 to be paid at the entrance by post-dinner attendees, who need to be in the ante-room of where the program is being conducted at the Fort Myer's Officers' Club at 7:45 pm, prior to break between the dinner and the start of the speaking presentation at 8:00 pm. For more information:


St. Kitts (Carribbean) - Tentative?


March 17 – 18

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Crown Forces Monument:


March 23 – 25

American Revolution Conference and Yorktown Tour

Williamsburg, VA


March 31 – April 1

The War for Empire – Fort Dobbs

Statesville, NC



April 6

The Knox Trail Honor Walk


April 14-15

Lifeways of the Cherokee and the Colonial Settlers

Ninety Six National Historic Site


April 14-15

Battle RoadLexington & Concord

Concord, MA

Tentative: Commemoration of the Concord Conflict at the North Bridge - Saturday, April 14, 2011 at 8:30 am, Minute Man National Historical Park, Monument Street, Concord
The peace of the Concord countryside will once more be shattered by the sounds of marching feet and musket fire as British and colonial reenactors, park rangers and volunteers bring the fateful morning of April 19, 1775 to life in this stirring commemoration of the first time that colonists were ordered to fire upon British soldiers that became known as "the shot heard 'round the world."

- Invitation Only, but if any RWF wish to participate we can contact the 10th Foot for that invite.


April 21 – 22

Battle of Petersburg

1289 Upper Appomattox St.

Petersburg, VA 23803

The 21st annual Revolutionary War Reenactment of the 1781 Battle of Petersburg will take place at Battersea to commemorate that battle which was part of America's fight for it's independence. There will be colonial dance demonstrations, vendors, sutlers, childrens activities, tours of Battersea, a military hospital display, morning and afternoon skirmishes, Horn's Punch and Judy show, Signora Bella's acrobats, period games and much more. The 1781 Battle of Petersburg Reenactment will take place each afternoon at an announced time. A memorial wreath-laying ceremony will be held commemorating the British and American forces that took part in the Battle of Petersburg. This event is sponsored by the City of Petersburg and the Department of Museums.

Contact: Mike Cecere 7th VA -


April 21 – 22

Great Battles and How They Have Shaped American History
A History Institute for Teachers
The First Division Museum
1 S. 151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, IL

April 21

Musgrove Mill, Colonial Days in SC

398 State Park Rd.

Clinton, SC 29325



April 26 – 29

Fort Frederick Market Fair

11115 Fort Frederick Rd.

Big Pool, MD 21711


April 27 – 29

1797 San Juan Attack Commemoration

San Juan National Historic Site

501 Calle Norzagaray

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901 USA


April 28 – 29

Scholl of Instruction & Annual Meeting

Brigade of the American Revolution

New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site, Vails Gate NY


April 28

The David Library’s “Ten Crucial Days Staff Ride”

The David Library will offer a staff ride tour of local sites that figured prominently in the Ten Crucial Days campaign of the Revolutionary War on April 28. Cost of participating in the all-day event is $75, and includes lunch.

 A “staff ride” is a technique traditionally used in military training on battlefield sites, allowing participants to examine the role of terrain in the unfolding of battles and the more general movements of armies. The David Library’s Ten Crucial Days Staff Ride, designed and led by military historian William P. Tatum III, focuses on the events that began with General Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River on December 25, 1776, through the subsequent Battles of Trenton and Princeton. The David Library has offered this same tour five times previously to great acclaim by its participants. Enrollment is limited, so those interested should certainly book space quickly before the bus is filled.

The Staff Ride program will commence at 8am at the David Library. Following a classroom session, there will be a bus tour with stops at Washington Crossing Historic Park in Pennsylvania, the Johnson Ferry House in Washington Crossing State Park in New Jersey, Trenton Battlefield Monument, Assunpink Creek, Princeton Battlefield and Nassau Hall. A pub lunch will be provided between Trenton and Princeton. The bus will return to the David Library between 5 and 6pm.

It’s an intense and invigorating day requiring physical and mental stamina. “The reward for all the walking and standing the tour entails will be great,” promises Will Tatum. “There is no better way to grasp the realities and significance of battles and campaigns than to be on the actual ground and to imagine each scene as it actually occurred.”

To reserve a space, call or email Brian Graziano at 215-493-2233 ext. 100 or Payment of $75 per participant may be paid by check made out to David Library. Mail payment with participants’ contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address) to Staff Ride, DLAR, P. O. Box 748, Washington Crossing, PA 18977. The staff ride will take place rain or shine.




May 5 – 6

The Battle of Leesburg - Cancelled

British Brigade & Continental Line Event

Leesburg, Virginia

Oatlands Plantation


May 5-6

Ohio Civil War Show, Mansfield Fairgrounds, Mansfield, OH


May 11-13

Raid on Martin’s Station

Cumberland Gap


May 19 – 20

Rebels & Redcoats on the Delaware

Sponsored by 5th Pa. Regt. & 23rd Welsh Fusiliers

Washington Crossing Historic Park

Box 103, Washington Crossing, PA 18977

Phone: 215-493-4076

Not a regimental event, but we are co hosting it with the 5th PA Regiment and it would be great to have as many there as possible. There was a good deal of interest expressed at BB/CL annual meeting and we are expecting a good turnout. There will be four engagements, a dance with a caller and jollification Sat. night with the Major and friends providing music. Sunday will see a Memorial Service at the graves of the unknown Continental Army soldiers in America’s first military cemetery.


May 19 - 20

Battle of Ramsour's Mill

Lincolton, NC

The Lincoln County Historical Association, Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission, City of Lincolnton, and Lincoln County are excited to report that the date of the 2012 Battle of Ramsour's Mill Reenactment and Celebration is scheduled from Saturday, May 19, and Sunday, May, 20.


May 19 – 20

Army Heritage Days 2012
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is proud to present Army Heritage Days 2012! Army Heritage Days is a timeline living history event which examines nearly every era of U.S. Army history. This year's event features an expanded look at the War of 1812 and showcases living historians representing soldiers from the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Civil War, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and many more. In addition to a special look at the War of 1812, the Army Heritage Days events include displays of historical military equipment, vehicles and gear used in current operations, and live demonstrations. Just a few of the planned demonstrations include Civil War drill and ceremony, Revolutionary and Civil War era artillery fire, World War II infantry tactics, and an in-depth look at how soldiers lived and worked in the trenches of World War I.

950 Soldiers Drive

Carlisle, PA 17013



May 19 – 20

"No Quarter" - The 1775 Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
At Four in the Morning the on May 10th 1775 Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen along with eighty Green Mountain Boys' rushed out of the night to take Fort Ticonderoga. One British sentry outside the gate attempted to fire at the patriot onslaught, but was foiled by wet powder in his pan. As he rushed back into the Fort itself he left the small sally port of the door open allowing for the first patriot victory of the Northern Theater. Captain Delaplace's Garrison tiny garrison was taken by surprise, unaware of the events of Lexington and Concord less than a month before. This small first victory opened a Northern campaign that would carry through the next two years, with Fort Ticonderoga at its heart. In this event we are recreating in detail the exact events of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga in 1775. Keep watching for information about the militia and British regulars on both sides with guidelines for participation.


May 25 - 28

3rd. Annual
Grand Colonial Fair,
Musket & Rifle Frolic

Cherry Vally, CA
All Colonial Re-enactors of the 1740 – 1795 time period are welcome.
Memorial Day weekend, May 25th, 26th, 27th, & 28th, 2012.
The Encampment is located at: Mile High Ranch; 12929 Mile High Road,
Cherry Valley, CA 92223.
Festivities will include Shooting Contests, backwoods Camps and Scouts,
Contests and Demonstrations. Bring your Sale and Trade items for your trade
blanket and the Round Robin. Sutlers and traders of the period are welcome.
Early set up on Thursday or Friday is okay. One hour unloading of camp and
gear will be allowed at your camp site on Saturday and Sunday. All camps,
clothing and items are to be maintained in the correct Colonial period. This is a 24
hour a day camp; please keep your clothing and camp correct at all times. Water is
available on site. Firewood may be found through out the area. Haul out your own
trash. Dogs are permitted. “Tin-Tepees” and modern camp area provided.
This encampment is being held on private property. Only your respect of the
land and fellow attendees will keep formal fees from being charged. A $10 per tent
or bed-roll donation is requested to help pay for the “necessities”.
This is the only Colonial Fair Encampment available in the southwest
United States.

Captain Jack Pritchard "F" Coy RWFA


May 26-27

Middleton Plantation, SC  - Living History Days

Saturday & Sunday, May 26th & 27th; all day

Special programming focuses on springtime activities on the plantation. Visitors will learn about the beginning of the planter's agricultural year and immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of a bygone era. Costumed interpreters will bring history to life through demonstrations of traditional craft, labor and leisure activities of those who called Middleton Place home.




June 2 - 3

Tarleton's Raid on Charlottesville, VA - Reenactment
2012 marks the 250th anniversary of the establishment of Charlottesville Virginia and as part of the celebration the city is launching a new annual event to commemorate Tarleton's Raid on Charlottesville in early June 1781 (in which Governor Jefferson barely escaped). The event is planned for June 2-3, 2012 and offers generous unit stipends for participating units. You should also expect very appreciative and interested crowds. You will also be in the shadow of Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello.
So if your unit is looking to earn some significant money for your unit coffers while also engaging the public and the enemy in the historic city of Charlottesville, please contact me offlist for more details. But do so quickly because there are caps on some of the stipends.
Mike Cecere 7th VA -


June 8 – 10

Revolutionary Rock Ford - Rock Ford Plantation

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Sponsored by the Rock Ford Foundation, the 4th Continental Light Dragoons (4th Legionary Corp), and the

64th Regiment of Foot.

The Foundation will host a dance for us Saturday night with live music and caller on the upstairs, while the downstairs will be a tavern (free beer). There will be a pavilion tent pitched next to the barn. In the event of rain, both will be used as shelters at night, and for programs during the day. Interpretative programs will be run for the visiting public. We also have a pavilion next to camp for shelter, as well as flush toilets. Although the Rock Ford Plantation site itself is limited in size, we have full use of the surrounding parkland. The Continental and Crown camps will be within a short walk of each other, just to the east of the plantation.

Historic Rock Ford Plantation
881 Rock Ford Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17602


June 9 – 10

Tavern Days – Dill’s Tavern

Dill's Tavern

227 N. Baltimore St.  

Dillsburg, PA 17019  



July 14 – 15

British Brigade Market Days and Cricket Tournament

Johnson Hall, NY I think this might be fun and I am willing to lead a 23rd team onto the field. Anyone interested contact the Major: 215 262-6013



June 16 – 17

Battle of Monmouth - Canceled

Each year the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield co-sponsors, with the DEP, State of New Jersey, an annual reenactment of the battle. The event is usually held on a weekend towards the end of June, in commemoration of the anniversary of the battle being fought on June 28, 1778. Hundreds of troops encamp at the park and recreate scenarios of the battle over the weekend. There are also numerous presentations and lectures, tours of the camps, and sutler area open to the public.

Monmouth Battlefield State Park
347 Freehold-Englishtown Road
Manalapan, NJ 07726

- Plans are to have a large reenactment in 2013 to celebrate the completion of the new Visitor Center and commemorate the 235th anniversary of the battle.


June 23 – 24

National Encampment

Brigade of the American Revolution

Fort Frederick, MD


Under the Redcoat – Colonial Williamsburg - Cancelled

Colonial Williamsburg will not present Under the Redcoat for the year 1012.
Colonial Williamsburg's Director of Music, Military & Evening Programs has sent
a letter to the UTR unit commanders apologizing for the necessity.
Colonial Williamsburg is very pleased with UTR as a program: "Since its
inception Under the Redcoat has presented quality interpretations and programs
greatly enjoyed by our guests and your continued support of this program is
greatly appreciated." "The decision for not doing the 2012 event is no
reflection on the quality of interpretation and programming presented by the
units and their individual members."
The problem is this: CW has two one-of-a-kind programs scheduled for 2012, one
eight weeks before UTR, and the other three weeks after. The timing and
resources necessary to present these special programs make it impossible to also
plan for and execute UTR. "This is not a decision we wanted to make, but one
that is logistically necessary and we hope you will be understanding of this
decision and not take it as an indication of the demise of Under the Redcoat."
As it says in the letter: UTR is not dead! In fact, CW wants UTR to come back in
2013 bigger and better: "We are committed to Under the Redcoat and planning for
its return in 2013 as a somewhat larger interpretive event."
Radford Polinsky
Under the Redcoat Event Manager
UTR web site:




July 7 - 8    

Battle of Hubbardton Commemoration

Hubbardton Battlefield State Park, Hubbardton, Vermont.  Sponsored by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, The Hubbardton Historical Society, and the LHA. For applications contact Living History Association, The LHA Department of Revolutionary War Interpretation c/o David Bernier Sr., 178 Glendale Road, Southampton, MA 01073 (413) 527-4470. Original battle site. Full amenities, 4-8 sutlers, food stand, visitor center, interpretive walks, full 18th century camps, ample parking, both infantry and artillery demonstrations, scripted and unscripted battles.


July 14 - 15 - Battle of Huck’s Defeat, Historic Brattonsville, SC 

1444 Brattonsville Rd.

McConnells, S C 29726

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 10am - 3pm

Battle reenactments at 2pm each day.

The Revolutionary War in the Carolina backcountry was one of intense fighting that involved all of the society. See how soldiers and civilians in the Carolina Piedmont survived the. Two significant battles will be reenacted including Huck’s Defeat, which will take place near the actual site of the engagement. Battle reenactments will be at 2 p.m. each day. Historic music performances, firearms demonstrations, talks by noted experts, and camp life will be shown throughout the day. Younger visitors can explore the Children’s Encampment area and try their hands at historic toys and games, take part in military drills and explore a Revolutionary War camp. A variety of family friendly foods will also be available.  Admission: Adult $8; Senior $6; Youth 4-17 $4; 3 and under Free; CHM member discount $2


July 18-21

Yorktown Campaign Tour

Revolutionary War in Detail: The Yorktown Campaign with Len Riedel


July 21

Prescott, Ontario


July 21 – 22

Fort Ticonderoga

‘Defiance & Independence’ - The 1777 Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
Reprieved from a siege in 1776 by the onset of Winter, the twin forts Ticonderoga and Independence faced General Burgoyne’s Northern Army of British, Loyalist, and German soldiers in July, 1777. General St. Clair’s rearguard of Massachusetts and New Hampshire regulars and militia put up a vigorous defense, skirmishing in the plain around Ticonderoga. Artillery batteries built into the old French lines seemed to keep the British army at bay. Concealed on the back slope of wooded Mount Defiance, British Cannon were dragged up to the summit. By July 6th British cannon high up on mount defiance, aimed at the Pontoon bridge between the two forts, forced the withdrawal of St. Clair’s rearguard off into the New Hampshire Grants ( Vermont). In this BAR event, we re-enact the key aspects of this battle of position and maneuver around the Continental fortifications at Ticonderoga. Units outside the Brigade of the American Revolution are permitted by invitation of the fort.

Fort Ticonderoga, NY




August 4 – 5

Oriskany 225th

British Brigade & Continental Line Event

Oriskany 225th at Gelston Castle

Warren, NY

This site is incredible and the sponsors include many local groups including the local brewery. Our California friends will be flying in for this and it should be an incredible experience. There will be four battles and two of them (one Saturday, one Sunday) will recreate the actual Battle of Oriskany so there will be some special guidelines. Since that Battle did not include Regular Troops from either the British or American Armies, participating units will be clothed as militia. In addition to our early war uniforms which we will need for two of the battles, I am asking any who wish to participate in the Oriskany scenarios to bring appropriate Loyalist militia items such as tricorns, hunting shirts, stocking caps, etc. Those who do not have such items may participate in their RWF small clothes, but for once we are being asked to be non uniform in our appearance so the more variety, the better.


August 4 – 5

Old Sturbridge Village's Redcoats to Rebels Revolutionary War

Old Sturbridge Village's Redcoats to Rebels Revolutionary War re-enactment is the largest military re-enactment in New England, attracting more than 800 soldiers from 42 units portraying British, Hessian, Irish, Welsh, Scots, French, and Colonial troops. Activities include mock battles with lots of musket, cannon and artillery demonstrations, fife and drum music, marching and drilling demonstrations, and an evening "Twilight Encampment," where visitors can mingle with troops and chat around the campfires.
Old Sturbridge Village
One Old Sturbridge Village Road

Sturbridge, MA 01566


August 4 - 5 - House in the Horseshoe, Sanford, N.C.


August 18 – 19

Firelock Matches

Brigade of the American Revolution

Smithgall’s Blockhouse, Lancaster, PA

August 22 – 25

Howe vs Washington: The Philadelphia Campaign of 1777

East Chester, PA

Description: including Brandywine, Germantown, Paoli, Valley Forge and more - led by Edward Lengel

and William Welsch

August 25 – 26

The Battle of Newton 2012 

Newton Battlefield State Park, near Elmira, NY

Event coordinator: Paul Perine




September 8-9

Fort Loudon 18th Century Trade Faire

Vonore, TN


September 12 – 15

Burgoyne's Saratoga Campaign of 1777

Lake George, NY

Description: including Fort Ticonderoga, Mount Defiance, Hubbardton, Bennington, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Skenesborough, Diamond Island, Saratoga and more - Led by Douglas Cubbison and Bruce Venter


September 15 – 16

Fort #4 Charlestown, NH

British Brigade event which has been designated by the CL as their Northern event of the year. It’s a fine site with an actual log fort from which to fight.


September 15 – 16

Philadelphia 1777

Brandywine Creek State Park

47 Adams Dam Road

Wilmington, DE 19807

Event Coordinator: Todd Post, 2d Virginia Regiment


September 20 - 22

Greene vs Cornwallis in the Carolinas: A Field & Walking Tour

Greensboro, NC

Led by Mark L. Bradley (Thursday 8:00 PM-Saturday 4:30 PM) includes Friday & Saturday lunches - $325    



September 21 – 29

Eastern Primitive Rendezvous

1315 E. Rusk Road

Troy, Ohio


September 21-23, 2012

Ninth Annual Seminar on the American Revolution - Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga hosts the Ninth Annual Seminar on the American Revolution September 21-23, 2012, in the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center. This weekend seminar focuses on the military, political, and social history of the American War for Independence. Over 100 participants—people with a deep interest in the American Revolution—join us each year for this weekend seminar. Leading authorities and new scholars on the period share their latest research in a series of presentations. The Seminar provides participants with an opportunity to listen to and interact with the presenters in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Participation is limited and is by pre-registration only.

Early Bird registration closes July 15, 2012; all registrations due by September 15, 2012.

2012 Speakers:

Thomas B. Allen, author, on Loyalists during the Revolution

Benjamin Carp, Tufts University, on the Boston Tea Party

Peter Gilmore, independent historian, on William Irvine

David C. Glen, independent historian, on the Battle of Valcour based on recent underwater archaeology

Joyce Lee Malcom, George Mason University, on her book Peter's War

Marla R. Miller, University of Massachusetts Amherst, on her book Betsy Ross and the Making of America

Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Center for Jefferson Studies at the University of Virginia, on the British Generals Project

Phil Weaver, independent historian, on Samuel Wire

Fort Ticonderoga, NY


September 22 – 23

18th Century Immersion Weekend at Eastfield Village

Brigade of the American Revolution

East Nassau, NY




October 5 – 7

Philadelphia Campaign Immersion Weekend

Welbourne Farm, VA

The scenario will be the fall of 1777 after the occupation of Philedelphia.  British foraging parties guided by local Loyalist civilians are active in the countryside often screened by light infantry.  Civilians whether Loyalist, Patriot or neutral are moving throughout either as refugees or in the daily course of business.  Patriot patrols, both militia and Continental are shadowing, observing and disrupting the British foraging parties.  Both forces, British and Continental shall fall within an organized command structure.  This will not be a “powder burn” or “free for all shoot em up”.  There will be orders, chains of command and the event will try to bring to bear the daily activities of the respective forces to give us an appreciation for what was more common as opposed to just focusing on the combat scenarios which were more rare.  However, participants can expect that the respective forces or a part of these forces might engage at any moment throughout the weekend.


October 6

Battle of Germantown- Revolutionary Germantown Festival

Germantown, PA


October 6-7

Walnut Grove, Spartanburg, SC


October 19 – 26

Southeastern Primitive Rendezvous

297 Reavis Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055!


October 20 – 21

300th Anniversary Coventry Connecticut

Nathan Hale Homestead

Coventry, CT

October 26 – 27

Mt. Harmon Plantation Tactical Weekend

Earleville, MD

This site is being put forth for an immersion weekend with a full tactical being planned. They are asking for a 10.00/man donation to help cover the expenses. If we have enough interest to make this an event  (10 or more RWFA) we will consider using money from the treasury to cover our participation.

October 31 – November 4

Greene vs Cornwallis

Charlotte, NC

Description: includes Cowpens, Kings Mountain, Guilford Courthouse and much more - led by Josh Howard




November 3-4

Battle of Camden

41th Annual Revolutionary War Field Days

November 3-4, 2012 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily

South Carolina's Revolutionary War years come alive as some 500 re-enactors interpret life on the Southern Campaign trail.  At 1:30 pm cannons roar as Redcoats and Patriots portray tactics from Camden's Battle of Camden (Saturday) and Commander's Choice (Sunday), followed by military courts martial scenarios. Watch period craftsmen ply their trades.  Listen to civilian interpreters share their lifestyles as you stroll through the camps.  Enjoy shopping on Sutlers Row and watching a period fashion show and colonial dance demonstrations. Lots of hands-on activities for kids of all ages.  A fantastic, fun family outing. Daily from 10-5 pm, admission is $8/adults,$6/Seniors over 62 and military, $4/ages 6-12 and under six free, $20/family package (2 adults, 3 kids under 12). Food concessions and free parking.


November 3

Colonial Day at Sully Historic Site

3650 Historic Sully Way, Chantilly, VA 20151


Contact: Barbara Ziman


November 3-4

Fort Frederick Garrison/Road March Weekend

Sutherland's Company of the 2nd Bn, 71st Foot

Captain Sutherland's Company of the 2nd Bn, 71st Foot, is planning a small Crown Forces event
the first weekend in November. The event will consist of a 12-15 mile road march, starting at Williamsport, MD, following the old C % O canal along the river there, and ending at Fort Frederick, Maryland. Following the march, the fort will be garrisoned through the weekend, and will focus on daily garrison activities, both night and day. Activities like guard duty, drill, parade, etc will be the norm. The scenario is, generically, NY City circa 1778. While I hope to keep this event on the smaller side, given the limited bunk space at the fort, any Crown units interested in participating with us, should contact me off list to coordinate.

Note that I said units, not individuals, and unit reps only should email me.
Alex Good -


November 3 – 4

Hope Lodge

Fort Washington, PA


November 7-11

Frontier Days – Fort Toulouse

Watumpka, AL


November 10

50th Anniversary Banquet

Brigade of the American Revolution

New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site

Vails Gate, NY


November 25

Davidson’s Fort

Old Fort, NC





December 1 - 2

British Night Watch Parade - 38th Annual

Saint Augustine, FL


December 8

Battle of Ironworks Hill

Mount Holly, NJ









June – Monmouth 235th Anniversary



Color Presentation for The Royal Welsh

Past Events



February 20 - Fort Ward, Alexandria, VA


March 12 & 13 - Guilford Courthouse, Greensborro NC

Guilford Courthouse 2011 Event Brochure:

March 26 -Lock Stock and Barrel symposium, Valley Forge National Park, PA (Saturday only)


April 2 & 3 - BAR-NWD at Belleville, Ohio

April 2 & 3 - Ninety Six, Rev War Field Days, Ninety Six, SC

April 9 & 10 - Battle of Bound Brook, Middlebrook, NJ

April 16 & 17 - Battle Road, MA

April 18 - Patriots' Day-Lexington, MA (Mon. 18th) INVITE ONLY

April 16 & 17 - Battersea House, Petersborough, VA - Battle of Petersburg, VA

20th Annual Battersea Revolutionary War Reenactment - The City of Petersburg, VA proudly invites you to attend the 230th anniversary of the Reenactment of the 1781 Battle of Petersburg. This is an open event for all Revolutionary War re-enactors and sutlers. Our weekend encampment and re-created battles are held at Battersea, the home of Colonel John Banister, the first mayor of Petersburg and a signer of the Articles of Confederation. While Battersea is not the actual site of the 1781 battlefield, it was utilized by the British troops when they occupied the town in May of 1781. Battersea consists of 35 acres of excellent camp and tactical ground for foot, horse and artillery. Wood, straw, water, hay, a Saturday evening meal and dance are provided by the City. There will be the reenactment of the 1781 battle, battle skirmishes, period music, children's activities and games, blacksmith demonstrations and much more. The event will be held from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 4:00pm on Sunday.

April 18 - Patriot’s Day Weekend, Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY

April 18 - BAR School of The Soldier, New Windsor Cantonment, Vails Gate, NY

April 28 - May 1 - Fort Frederick Military Fair, Big Pool, MD

April 30 & May 1 The Siege of San Juan, Puerto Rico (1797)


May 14 & 15 BRITISH BRIGADE ACADEMY, Fort Montgomery, NY

Fort Montgomery 690 Route 9W P.O. Box 213 Fort Montgomery, NY 10922 This event creates an opportunity for Officers and Senior NCOs to meet, exchange ideas and participate in discussions that contribute to the improvement of our collective presentation and structure. At this Academy bring your tent. The meetings will take place in the Site's new visitor's center. Share your tent as we'll be inside! Dinner, lunch and breakfast (Saturday and Sunday) are provided for those that wish to partake in the Mess for a reasonable cost and for food fit for a king (eating ware provided • Brigade history, philosophy and command structure - Marketing ourselves, how to recruit - Command structure at events - Brigade level commands, formatiomaneuvers - Battlefield communication - ArmyCommander to Sergeants - Interaction with Artillery, the Navy, Music and Horses -Construction of field fortifications - Battle scenarios - how can we improve - An evening of gaming, eating and carousing. Strongly recommended for officers and NCOs. Please contact Delos Wheeler 585 709-1420

May 14 & 15 Colonial Plantation, Media, PA

The scenario: It is the spring of 1778, and amidst rumors of Howe leaving Philadelphia, the battles for resources in the local countryside is an ever present reality as foraging parties from both sides clash in small firefights over farms to feed their respective armies. In an area largely made up of Quakers, the inhabitants often find no relief from either side as they go about their normal lives. What you will see/be a part of: Located on a beautiful working farm operating as one from the 18th century Zero modern intrusions seen in a 360° view Tacticals both Saturday and Sunday through the farm Wood and Straw and flush toilets Plenty of space to encamp Firepits/cooking demonstrations encouraged Friday setup is available after 2 pm.

May 21 & 22 - Needham, MA

The BAR Invitational event scheduled for the 300th anniversary of Needham, Massachusetts on May. 21-22 isn't a national event, nor a British Brigade event per se, but it will be a large regional one involving all Crown Forces units that are part of the Boston Garrison, and all American units that do Battle Road, plus many other units. Your unit is invited to participate at an event to be held at Ridgehill Reservation, in Needham, Massachusetts, on Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd as part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Town of Needham. This event is a BAR Invitational, which means that everyone participating must be specifically invited. This is true for both Crown and Rebel Forces. Arrival and set up will be possible from Friday morning on, but everything must be done before the event site opens to the public at 10 am, Saturday morning, May 21st. Normal camp amenities will be provided to include water easily accessible close to each camp, ample firewood, straw for tents, and plenty of portable latrines, to include the larger ones beloved of the ladies. There will be a good number of high quality sutlers present. Parking will be about 300 yards away, through the woods, and entirely out of site...SO... the Needham Police WILL patrol the parking area, to include at night! There will be a formal, ball Saturday night in Needham, with live, 18th century music, and a dance instructor/caller, with open bar, etc. This is discussed later in this invitation. There will be three, battles. One Saturday afternoon and one Sunday afternoon will be staged for the public. The third, which will be a war game, will be held on Sunday morning and is optional. The site has been walked, looked at, discussed, and all planning done on the ground by the commanders, and other key officers from Crown and American forces . Essentially, Saturday will be 'Redcoats Rule', and Sunday will be 'Revenge of the Rebels'. Brad Chetwynd, 2nd Massachusetts Regiment, is commanding the American forces, with Henry Cooke, 10th Massachusetts Light Infantry, as his second in command. Ken Siegel will command the Crown forces as a Brigadier General in America, with Paul O'Shaughnessy, 10th Regiment of Foot, as his second in command. This event will be somewhat unique in that the public will not get to see the Crown Forces until they attack Saturday afternoon. To that end, the Crown camp will NOT be open to the public! It will actually be hidden. That doesn't mean it will be a modern, bring your Coleman lanterns, laptop thing at all, just that due to the scenario the Crown camp never figures in the 'show' and whereas the American camp will be a well set up, fortified, garrison encampment with all the 'bells an whistles' of a camp in place for a month, the Crown camp will be an authentic marching camp, set up so that the Crown Forces participants have a place to sleep, cook, eat, and relax when off duty. Modern camping will be available in the parking area. A separate area will be set aside and a porta-john will be provided since this is several hundred yards from the main, encampment area. This area will be suitable for campers, trailers, and RV's.

May 28 & 29 - Military through the Ages, Kings Mountain National Military Park, SC


June 4 & 5 - Tavern Days at Dill's, Dillsburg, PA

June 11 & 12  - Gelston Castle (possibly BB/CL National event) Warren, NY

June 18 & 18 - Battle of Monmouth, Freehold, NJ

June 18 & 19 - Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, Ontario

June 18 & 19 - Ramseur's Mill, Lincolton, NC

June 18 & 19 - Crown Encampment, Salem MA

June 25 & 26 - Under the Redcoat, REGIMENTAL EVENT, Williamsburg, VA

This is our year, we are going in strength I would love to have Fergusson’s Company come est for this if they can. Late war kit ONLY! More details will follow once I receive them. Again, we only go every other year so plan on making this one! Don’t have your late war kit? Better get it soon!


July 2 & 3 - 4th of July Celebration, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA

July 2 & 3 - BAR at Liberty Hall, Philadelphia, PA

July 9 & 10 - Battle of Huck’s Defeat, Historic Brattonsville, Charlotte, NC

July 9 & 10 - Battle of Hubbardton, VT

July 9 & 10 - BAR-NWD at Fort Laurens, Bolivar, OH

July 16 & 17 - Wyoming Valley Massacre, Scranton, PA JOINT BB/CL EVENT

This event was voted to be a national sanctioned event by both the Continental Line and the British Brigade. After several years of hosting successful events at Moon Lake State Park, the 24th Connecticut Militia Regiment moved the event in 2010 to private property, with equal success. Now, joined by the 42nd regiment of Foot, our British Brigade co-sponsors, we welcome you to join us for this fine 18th Century community event.

July 30 & 31 - Cricket & Games weekend at Johnson Hall, Johnstown, NY


August 6 & 7 - Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA

August 6 & 7 - House in the Horseshoe, Sanford, N.C.

August 13 & 14 - Old Fort Niagara (Youngstown NY) "Soldiers of the Revolution"

August 13 & 14 - BAR-NWD at Fort Ligonier, PA

August 13 & 14 - BAR Firelock Matches at Boone’s Homestead, reading, PA

August 27 & 28 - Battle of Newtown, Elmira, NY

August 27 & 28 -  BAR Battle of Long Island, Tentative


September 3 & 4 - Latta Plantion, Charlotte NC - Labor Day Weekend

September 3 & 4 - BAR-NWD, New Boston Fair, Springfield, OH, Tentative - Labor Day Weekend

September 10 & 11 - Fort Ticonderoga, NY

September 17 &18 - Fort Michilimackinac, Mackinaw City MI (Invitational)

September 24 & 25 -  Mount Harmon Plantation, Earlville, MD - JOINT BB/CL EVENT

This is one of the most visually striking reenactment sites in the country! Just off 1-95, one hour south of Philadelphia. 18* Century This is one of the most visually striking re-enactment sites in the country! Just off 1-95, one hour south of Philadelphia. 18* Century rivers and streamsjust south of where Admiral Howe landed his brother's army to march on Philadelphia in 1777. Come join us for one of the best regional events of the year. Amenities include straw, water, wood, and port-o-johns.


October 1 & 2 - Germantown

October 1 & 2 -  Fort #4, Charlestown, NH

October 1 & 2 -  BAR at Nathan Hale Homestead, Coventry, CT

October 1 & 2 - Walnut Grove, Spartanburg, SC

October 15 & 16 - Burning of Kingston, NY

October 22 & 23 - Ft. Mercer, Woodbury, NJ

October 29 & 30 - BAR at West Point, NY


November 5 & 6 - Battle of Camden, Camden, SC

November 12 & 13 - Siege of Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA

November 5 & 6 - Hope Lodge, Fort Washington, PA

November 19 & 20 - BAR at Fort Lee Historic Park, Fort Lee, NJ

November 19 & 20  BAR at Fort Lee Historic Park, Fort Lee, NJ




December 3 & 4 - The British Night Watch, St. Augustine, FL

December 3 & 4 - The 17th Annual Battle of Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VAThe 17th Annual Battle of Great Bridge reenactment will take place from
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday 3 & 4 December 2011 in Chesapeake,
on the actual site of the battle which took place December 9, 1775.
There will be two battles each day; the Battle of Kemps Landing at 1:00 PM
(British win!) and the Battle of Great Bridge at 3:00 PM (Patriots win!)
There will be military encampments, period sutlers, colonial crafts and
music, children's colonial activities, a colonial fashion show (@ 2:30PM),
and a colonial religious service on Sunday (@ 10:00 AM). Firewood, straw,
porta-johns, water, a heated restroom, and Saturday night dinner is
provided. Units with six or more men under arms or with cannon will be
compensated for powder. You can set up on Friday 2 December after noon.
You can even make the Grand Illumination celebration at Colonial
Williamsburg after the final battle on Sunday!
Links with more info and directions are below.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Ron Phelps - Event Coordinator
7th Virginia Regiment & 14th Regiment of Foot


December 10 & 11 - Mount Holly, NJ, Battle of Ironwork Hills (Saturday only)


December 27 - Battle of Cedar Bridge, NJ. Paid. Barnegat, NJ.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011: The Affair at Cedar Bridge at the historic Cedar Bridge Tavern in Barnegat NJ. Watch the reenactment of the last skirmish of the Revolutionary War, 2PM. Located on Cedar Bridge Road.


Dec. 31 & January 1 - Battles of Trenton and Princeton, NJ




Past Events



March 13 – 14 Battle of Guilford Courthouse – Greensboro, NC

If any interest, please advise me so I can register us. Late war uniform only. Please only advise me if you are 100% certain to make this. In the past we have had complaints and ruffled feathers all around about events that we were not registered for. The officers went to a great deal of trouble to get us in, and then hardly anyone showed up.

April 17 – 19 Battle Road Lincoln, MA

Hosted by the 10th Foot, Ken has graciously offered to host up to 4 members at his house, but I think Casa Siegel is now full to capacity. This is a “regional” one day event that we have had great fun at in the past and it’s a great event for Light Company and regional New England. Bring enough ammo for two battles. You will need only your cartridge box for the first one as they are supplying the ammo, but you will need your own for the second battle.

April 24 – 25 Siege of San Juan, PR

I will get more info on this shortly and send it along.

April 24 – 25 BAR School of the Soldier, Vails Gate, NY

May 8 – 9 Siege of Charleston, Fort Moultrie SC

May 15 – 16 RWFA Garrison & Drill, Army Historic Education Center, Carlisle, PA

In conjunction with the AHEC living history event in May, Army Heritage Days has been expanded to two days (15-16 May) which last year attracted 11,000 visitors, we will look at this as a good, low-key recruiting event for both the Colonel's and Grenadier Companies.

May 23 – 24 British Brigade Academy, Fort Montgomery, NY

This will be a weekend of instruction from the British Brigade designed for officers and NCOs and I will be attending this year. If anyone else has an interest, please let me know. I strongly recommend it. You will need to either camp out or do the motel thing.

June 5 -6 Gelston Castle, Warren, NY

We will be making this a “regional” event this year in support of a recruiting effort for the Light Company.

June 12 – 13 Washington Crossing, PA


June 19 – 20 Battle of Monmouth, Freehold, NJ

Sponsored by 2nd New Jersey and 43rd Regt. Of Foot, there will not be an actual representation of the historic battle but a representative clash of arms this year.

July 10 – 11 Wyoming Valley Massacre, Scranton, PA

A wilderness type site with 600 acres of field and forest with easy access from I80 and I87. July is hot but there is much shade here. For more info:

July 10 – 11 Battle of Hubbardton, VT

July 17 -18 BAR event, Stony Point, NY

We will need to pre register for this, so if there is any interest please let me know in a timely manner. Remember Ft. George in Canada is two weekends after, we need full regimental support for that one.

July 31 – Aug 1 Fort George, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

This will be one of the main regimental events for 2010. There will be a combined barrage and night assault on the fort with ground charges and hand grenades!

Fort George is an 1812 site with an outlying lunette which is accessible through an underground tunnel. I believe this is sponsored by Parks Canada. You will need passports to gain access to Canada and re entry into US, so get on it now because that can be a fairly lengthy process. It won’t hurt to have one as you will certainly need it if we make any future excursions to the UK. Can’t go!

If you don’t have a passport, you can’t go!

Sept 25 – 26 “1777 Campaign,” Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington, DE BB/CL National Event

This will most probably be the second regimental event for 2010. It is getting the full support of the BB/CL and it is unfolding as a very large event with evening amenities being planned as well as full battles on both days.

Brigadier Vivian will be there to give encouragement to his lads in red.

Oct 2 Battle of Germantown, Germantown, PA

Fighting from within the Chew Mansion is always intense, this one day event features two battles at noon and 3:00pm.

Oct 16 – 17 Richardson’s Tavern, Millis, MA

This looks like a very nice, medium sized event run by the 10th Rgt and 2nd Mass. Ken, who is on the planning committee will be providing us with more details as they develop and has opened his house to up to 4 members as he is only a half hour away. Ken is

Oct 23 – 24 Mount Harmon Plantation, Earlville, MD

A lovely location just an hour south of Philadelphia on a peninsula surrounded by water, this site may be the site of larger events in the future.

Nov 6 – 7 Hope Lodge, Fort Washington, PA

Always a local favorite, the reenactment has been taken over by the Friends group which has stepped in to pick up the slack left by the collapse of the PHMC. Two battles one each day.

Dec 4-5 British Nightwatch, St. Augustine, FL