Some photos from the 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown


Families in the ranks of the Recreated 23rd Regiment of Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers in America at Yorktown:  

From left to right, sons, younger brothers, nephews, etc, kneeling in front of their 'elders': Grenadiers Steve and son, Richard Reilly, Grenadier Justin and brother, Recruit Kyle Parker, Fusilier Michael and son, Recruit Jason Delucia, Corporal David and son, Recruit Daniel Delucia, Grenadier Ken jr. and son, Recruit Musician Ken Earle Spaar, Pensioner Corporal Ken Spaar sr (father of four grenadiers, and grandfather of three musicians), Major Ken and son, Lead Drummer Joe Siegel, Serjeant David and son, Musician Drake Nighswonger, Grenadier Keith and son, Recruit Musician Keith Spaar jr., Grenadier Jon Eric Spaar (brother of 3 and uncle of 3), Grenadier Steve and son, Recruit Musician Daniel Spaar, Fusiliers Jim and son, Sean Coffey.



The Officers of the Recreated 23rd Regiment of Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers in America at Yorktown:

From left to right, Major Ken Siegel (Regimental Commander), Captain Paul Thomson (Grenadier Company Commander and Adjutant), Major Richard Ford (Pensioner, former Regimental Commander and aide to Colonel Vivian), Captain Jeff Morgan (Colonel's Company Commander), Second Lieutenant Erik Goldstein (color ensign), Brigadier Anthony Vivian (The Colonel of The Regiment, and former Colonel of The Royal Welch Fusiliers of The Royal Army), Second Lieutenant Jack Pritchard (color ensign), Gentleman Volunteer Tim Wilson (Pensioner, former captain, company commander, and aide to Colonel Vivian), Captain Tom Pieper (Grey Groves Company Commander, and former regimental commander), Captain George Mack (Fergussons' Company Commander)Not in photo, Captain Dan Gates (Light Infantry Company Commander)


Noncommissioned Officers of the Recreated 23rd Regiment of Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers in America at Yorktown: 

From left to right kneeling: Lance Serjeant Shane Reilly, Lance Corporal Gregory Urwin, Corporal David Delucia, Corporal Jamie Parillo, Lead Drummer Joe Siegel, Corporal Lee Calkins, Corporal John Hayes.

From left to right standing: Pensioner Corporal Ken Spaar Sr., Lance Corporal Alex Ivanchisin, Serjeant Paul Astle, Regimental Serjeant Major Ron Turfitt, Drum Major Thomas Reinhart, Serjeant David Nighswonger, Serjeant Bill Lucas, Serjeant Steve Raby.

Giving fire at the Battle of the Hook By company...Make Ready...Present...Fire!
The Musik keeps us inspired ~ Battle of the Hook More from the Battle of the Hook
The Colonel inspects the Regiment Forming up before Battle
Giving fire from the Redoubt Light infantry moves into position
Giving Fire from the Redoubt The grenadier company moves out to test the enemy.
Giving Fire from the Redoubt Major Siegel orders the men to take up positions in the redoubt
I'm off duty...right??? The Colonel and Fusiliers man the redoubt and observe the enemy
Observing artillery fire from inside the redoubt Major Ford & Lt. Goldstein
Colour Ensigns Goldstein & Pritchard The ladies arrested at Yorktown Village
Mourning of Arms at Fusilier Redoubt
Close up of the Colonel and the Major reviewing the Regiment
Colonel Vivian inspecting the Regiment and receiving a salute from Drum Major Rheinhart
Captain Mack surveys the Field
The Musik Charge Bayonets!

The Colonel surveys the battlefield

a different perspective
Giving Fire to the French
Where'd everyone go? Mack arrests Trish
Defending the Redoubt
Grenadiers at attention Attacking the Village at Yorktown Victory Center
Search & Seizure! British Bayonets!
Oh my!!! Present!
Come on now ladies...move along! The Colours proudly fly over the redoubt
The Regiment at attention for Presentation of the Colours Relaxing a bit before battle
Keep it up boys! Major Ford orders the men to fire
Captain Pieper at Attention   Look we're being immortalized !